© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

The neighbours were not happy about my choice of yard art.

But when I stepped out on the verandah and took a gander down the block, I wasn’t happy about their choices, either.

My art is at least as nice as Mr. Santos’s Horse Shoe Armadillo or the Rossi’s plastic Shrine to the Virgin! Just yesterday, Barry Kingman propped his wheelbarrow up beside the front steps. He’d painted the bowl with a four colour image of his late dog, Casper! To top it all, the Palmer yard has a flock of pink flamingos!

There was only one thing for it. Taking some left over party crepe paper and my daughter’s crayons, I hung a winner’s ribbon from my buffalo’s horn. The Rossi’s won second prize, in respect for the Virgin. The armadillo won third and I draped Casper’s wheelbarrow in black and a participant’s ribbon.

I set fire to the flamingos. ©


This is posted to Mondays Finish The Story

15 thoughts on “Yard Art

  1. Well done! I enjoyed all the artwork in the hood and the last line was a total crack up! 🙂 Thank you for participating in the MFtS challenge, and I hope that you return for the next challenge! Be well… ^..^


    1. I smiled reading it. The second last paragraph is nice and tight (awarding the prizes). I think you don’t need, “Where do these people get off complaining about my taste?” It interferes with the narrator’s action, looking across at his neighbour’s art and making the decision. For what it’s worth.


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