PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

The fire’s broken through the roof but it looks as if they’re getting it under control. Too bad, I hate this house. The roof leaks and the plumbing needs repair. I can’t afford to fix it what with two mortgages and my business going under. I wish it had burnt to the ground. At least there would have been enough insurance to start again.

The fire department got here pretty quickly. I wonder who called them.  The investigator’s waving me over. They’ll never prove anything of course, but they’ll reject the claim. What the hell do I do now? ©


This post was submitted to Friday Fictioneers.

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot


13 thoughts on “Now What?

  1. “…they’re getting it under control. Too bad, I hate this house.” I love it! I’m enjoying the diversity in your writing. Your humour shines through and accounts for some of your strongest pieces.


  2. Dear Fool, Depending on the situation (and I hope it was an accident). When the collectors come a knocking – you need to do make sure you have a couple extra cases of tequila. BTW, Randy is right – bankruptcy sounds like a possible solution. Nan


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