I’m afraid of heights which is really a cliché. If you look up an on-line list of the most common fears, heights would be right at the top along with bugs and water and snakes.

I’m not talking about aircraft or roller coasters or the CN Tower. I mean places like apartment balconies or the atrium railing on the 5th floor at the library. It’s not the idea of falling that scares me. I live in the city and the chances of accidently falling any great distance is miniscule unless one qualifies as one of Darwin’s rejects.

No, it’s that little lizard voice whispering in the deep recesses of my brain. A momentary flash of vertigo and a fleeting impulse to jump. I’m guessing that it’s some sort of primal instinct gone wrong. We all come from the same basic cellular unit and share features with many different animals. Maybe this is our link to the lemming.

Do any of you you get this feeling too or am I actually going off the fjord’s cliff on my own? ©


3 thoughts on “Lemming

  1. I can’t imagine having to deal with an impulse like that. I’m terrified of heights. My hubby got me out on Bright Angel Point at the Grand Canyon (before they made it all nice for people to walk out there). It was this tiny jutting out place with no guard rails or anything. He managed to get out to the end, butt I was pretty dern sure I was going to have to crawl back. So I can’t even begin to imagine what that urge must feel like. The only time I’ve every experienced that is wanting to jump into a swimming pool — just once to see how it feels. Can’t swim a lick!


  2. I have a friend who feels this way. Its dangerous for her because the sense to take that leap is so strong. Wow. I’ll have to tell her she’s not alone. Thanks for writing this.


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