“Say What?”

Soft rain carried on tender breeze
Caressed her innocent face.
Sylvan sachet on morning air,
A welcoming fragrant embrace.

The pathway lay in mellow shade
Beneath that cool and verdant rank.
We made our way through shielding trees
And reached the nearby river bank.

She went to climb a crooked oak,
But lying nearby on the lea
She found a gem that caught her eye
And picked it up and ran to me.

A newborn chick, lost, alone,
Lay gently on her sleeve of grey.
“I’ll take it home and keep it safe
Until It's ready to fly away”

Of course she knew I couldn’t agree
We found the nest and left it be.
She was still a bit and then she asked,
“Can we get a kitten?”


Scattered lights glitter
across midnight rooftop view.
Urban galaxy. ©

Mrs. Morgenstern’s House

A cool, shaded porch in mid-summer's heat,
a window on the world and a view of the street.
A breeze stirs the chimes and rings out a song
a sound to remember the whole winter long.
Mrs. Morgenstern's house stands close to the road
and offers the chance for both young and old
to pause in their travels and ask how she's been
and to pass along stories and things that they've seen.
Old Mrs. Morgenstern is crippled and bent
and she can't get about to any extent.
Her house was the first and she's seen them all grow
and now they stop in and hope that she knows
that a minute or two, just to say "hi"
is "thanks" to a friend who always stood by.
Close neighbours are rare in this modern day.
Who will replace her when she's gone away? ©


This was posted to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.